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all the misterben news you can shake a stick at

the yard - a view from the truck almost out of milk stopping for a snack coming in for some food on the porch with sun and sand he may never get down buckaroo bob rides the horse the monster in the basement all he needs is a bunch of cameras around his neck and some bermuda shorts on the chair - first thing in the morning

permanent pictures

This is one of my favorite pictures of Ben.  He is not unplugging the VCR or throwing up.  What an angel. Lorrie in Lake Superior Provincial Park.  My sweetheart. My dad.  I may be insane, but it is through no fault of my own.  It is purely genetics. My mom.  She was giving me static about not having a picture of her on the web.  This'll teach her. My Mom and Dad - after a lifetime of embarassing me as a kid, it's payback time. The Lensers (Shaney, Amy, Lenny, Niecy) - One of the nicest families around.  They are our surrogate family here in Ottawa.

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About the booge

I do a lot of "looking" at other weblogs but not nearly enough reading. When I do come across a weblog that strikes me as interesting and I stop to give it a read, one of the first things I look for is an "About" link. Weblogs are a window into a person's life. People who write weblogs usually do so because they have an interest in sharing their life experiences with others. I find that having some idea about the person behind the posts makes the weblog experience more enjoyable. So, in a nutshell, this is me: I'm 31 years old, married to a girl named Lorrie and parent to a kid named Ben.
I have pretty cool parents.
I used to be much younger.
I was born the same day the first man landed on the moon. Two years later, my brother was born on the same day.
I was born with a birthmark on the back of my hand which I had removed when I was 20. I wouldn't leave the stitches alone. Now I have a big scar.
I work in a lab studying the toxic effects of air pollution.
I live in the capital of my country which is 550 km away from where I was born and raised.
I ride the bus in the winter and ride my bike in the summer.
I would rather be cold than hot.
I have eaten a peanut butter and jam sandwich, almost every day, for more than 15 years.
If I had to pick a favorite food, it would be Indian because it is so complex. Or Italian, because it is so simple.
I have two items I am *almost* in love with: a KitchenAid mixer and our espresso/cappuccino machine.
My favorite cocktail: martini made with Tanqueray gin. My favorite beer: Guinness. My favorite beverage: espresso.
I don't have any hobbies, unless you classify this weblog as a hobby.
I will always consider The Simpsons one of the best shows ever put on television.
I have little care/time for fashion. My wardrobe mainly consists of boots, jeans and t-shirts.
I have donated blood a total of 10 times.
Occasionally I write some other stuff as well as compile silly quotations.
I like the sound of my own voice.
I like music. I have a bunch of CDs, but lately I have been concentrating on my zappa collection.
Did I mention that I have an IQ eleven points higher than amy?